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Osis Discount Hair Products
Discount Hair Products

Osis Discount Hair Products

Osis Discount Hair Products

OSIS  Styling Aids

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Osis Twist Curl

Osis Twist

is now called:

osis twist curl now osis bounce spray Osis Bounce Curl Activator

Bounce - curl activator - Previously called Osis TWIST - curl activator Twist. And shout! Kick up your heels to see permed and naturally curly hair swing with lift and bounce. Give it a twist. Refreshingly fresh, a curl for every girl. A curl refresher gel for naturally curly and permed hair. Give root lift, bounce and spring to your curl - reinvent new shapes

sorry all gone

Osis Magic

Osis Magic Anti Frizz Serum  

Magic - Anti-Frizz Gloss Serum
Anti-Frizz Gloss Serum Osis Magic, the versatile shine serum for all hair types that gives sensational sheen and texture. Frizz disappears and high gloss turns up. No more frizzy dry looking hair but dazzling shine for the glam look. Application: Use on dry hair. Apply a small amount onto fingertips and massage into hands before you smooth away the frizz.

 Osis Magic - anti-frizz gloss serum       1.7oz          $  11.79   15.95

FlatLiner by Osis Osis Flat Liner 

Flat Liner - Flat Iron Serum
This Flat Iron Hair Serum gives you 30% longer-lasting ultra flat styles. Smoothes and reduces frizz. Protects against humidity. Pre-conditions and repairs for even results. Steam roll your curls for ultra flat styles! Spray on dry hair prior to using your Flat Iron

 Osis Flat Liner      6.8oz          $  14.45  16.95

Osis Grip

Styling Mousse
OSIS Mousse: Osis Grip Super Hold Foam Mousse can get that grip! Full on styling support like you have never known before. Holds for a longer time. Get your hands on some. For maximum styling support on all hair types. This combination of  ingredients is especially suitable formulated for coarse, curly, hard to hold hair.

 Osis GRIP super hold foam       6.8oz      $   10.99   12.50

Thrill Fiber Gum by Osis / Schwartzkopf
Osis Thrill Fiber Gum

Thrill Fiber Gum
Shape, tease or build it up, anything is possible - the fiber's the key! Get inspired by the fiber consistency. Go over the top or more mainstream. You will be thrilled at how easy it is to style & accentuate your hair!

 Osis Thrill Fiber Gum       3.4oz      $   13.99   16.50

Osis Air Pomade osis air pomade

Air Pomade - Wax Spray
spray pomade with extra fine mist - light - non greasy effect - soft style with light texture - no over burdening

Apply on damp hair: -spray the desired amount onto hair then work in & either leave to dry naturally or blow dry

Apply on dry hair: - spray directly onto the hair, either all over on on specific areas - work through with fingers to acheive the perfect soft, textured finish for your hair

 Osis Osis Air Pomade Spray Wax      100ml           $  17.60  19.50
3 - Osis Air Pomade Spray Wax    $35.20  58.50 Buy 2 get 1 FREE
             while supplies last! - Osis packaging is changing again - help us clear our shelves and save

Osis G Force - Now in New, Bigger Packaging and a New Color!
Osis G Force 

G Force - Extreme Hold Gel
G Force - extreme hold jelly  (aka - Goo) - extreme hold gel--- Go the distance and get that wicked hard core control with Goo. A bit of red pearl jelly goes a long way in giving you extreme hold. Try it, it will sculpt your hair in rock!

**This product formula has been updated and is now clear in color and comes in a larger size!

 Osis Osis G Force     5.1oz          $13.00  14.95
3 - Osis G- Force    $26.00  58.50 Buy 2 get 1 FREE
             while supplies last! - Osis packaging is changing again - help us clear our shelves and save

Hair Body by OSISOsis Hair Body 

Hair Body - Style & Care Spray
Style & Care Spray I want your body! HairBody is the new spray way to style and care. Conditioner that holds, even when blow drying. Don't you want a body like this? A lightweight, conditioning blow drying spray that protects the hair from heated appliances

 Osis HairBody      6.8oz          (sorry no longer available)

Mess UP Matt Gum  by OSIS / Schwartzkopf Osis Mess UP Mat Gum 

Hair Body - Style & Care Spray
Style & Care Spray I want your body! HairBody is the new spray way to style and care. Conditioner that holds, even when blow drying. Don't you want a body like this? A lightweight, conditioning blow drying spray that protects the hair from heated appliances

 Osis Mess UP matte Gum      3.4oz          $  13.60  15.95

Osis - Shape Soft WaxOsis Shape Soft Wax 

Shape Soft Wax
Gives definition, versatility, and super shine. Just a small amount can tease dry or damp hair into your own style. Work it!

Sorry no longer availbale

Osis -  Sherbet Spray WaxOsis Sherbet Wax Spray 

Sherbet Wax Spray
Wax and spray combines. A break through in the world of styling. OSIS Sherbet is a versatile wax spray, which creates exceptional texture with choppy or stingy effects. One of the most unique products on the market today.

Osis sherbet - cool to the touch. Let the ice wax crackle in the palms if your hands and set your creativity free!

Sorry! No Longer Available! Try Alterna Hemp Spray Wax

Osis Slick Flattening BalmOsis Slick Flattening Balm
Extra Flat

Slick Flattening Balm aka Extra Flat
Slick - the light weight stylining liquid for natural curly or permed hair that gets straight to the point. Since Osis Slick contains no chemical straightening addatives, Osis Slick lets you go straight all day without chemically changing your hair's structure

Osis Slick - The straightening iron in a bottle!

 Osis Slick Flattening Balm      6.89oz         $  17.60  19.95

Osis Sparkler Shine SprayOsis Sparkler Shine Spray
Extra Flat

Sparkler Shine Spray
Osis Sparkler, dare to SHINE! The ultimate shine spray which instantly conditions and moisturizes your hair.

* Instant Shine *Detangles *Conditions * Adds Control 

 5.1oz  Osis Sparkler  $14.40  16.00

Osis Tex It - Bodyfier GelOsis Tex It - Bodifying Gel

Tex it Bodyfier Gel
Osis Tex it, the bodifying gel that adds tremendous volume and exceptional texture with or without blow-drying

Osis Tex it makes big news wven on the finest of fine hair! - All natural extracts - stimulates circulation to the scalp * adds texture * adds volume *adds hold *sadds hine *no over load!


Schwarzkopf Osis Buff Styling CremeSchwarzkopf Osis Buff

Osis Buff Styling Creme is a fantastic styling cream with light hold that is perfect to finish a style as well as for blow-drying. Schwarzkopf Osis Buff Styling Creme is especially suited for daily use as it contains conditioning ingredients Aloe Vera and Panthenol. Schwarzkopf Osis Buff Styling Creme has an ultra light consistency. Creates natural movement in hair with a soft feel and natural shine.

 5.1oz  Schwarzkopf Osis Buff Styling Creme  $14.40  16.00
  SALE 3 - Osis Buff Styling Creme    $28.80 48.00 Buy 2 get 1 FREE
             while supplies last! - Osis packaging is changing again - help us clear our shelves and save

Schwarzkopf Osis Upload Volume CremeSchwarzkopf Osis Upload

Upload Volume Cream gives instant lightweight volume and medium style control. Upload contains conditioning and natural shine ingredients to create contradictive styles on damp or dry hair. Osis Upload Volume Creme Pump is pure volume with a dose of care for multi functional styling purposes. Style as desired. Get more volume and soft movement by using a big round brush.

 6.8oz  Schwarzkopf Osis Upload Volume Creme  $14.40  16.00
3 - Osis Upload    $28.80  48.00 Buy 2 get 1 FREE
             while supplies last! - Osis packaging is changing again - help us clear our shelves and save

Schwarzkopf Osis Dust It  Matt Finish PowderSchwarzkopf Osis Dust It

Osis Dust It - styling powder: This Matt Finish powder offers lightweight texture & seperation, soft styles with light texture, with natural movement of your hair.  This silica powder & film forms for a dry light hold finish.

 0.35oz  Schwarzkopf Osis Dust It   $19.80  22.00

Schwarzkopf Osis Marsh Mellow Molding PasteSchwarzkopf Osis Marsh Mellow Molding Paste

Schwarzkopf Osis Marsh Mellow Molding Paste lets you define and destruct your style with this strong-hold re-moldable paste. Schwarzkopf Osis Marshmallow lets you create strong texture and separation for extreme sculpting with a dry texture. Osis Marsh Mellow lets you create creative styles with a thick marshmallow consistency. Contains beeswax, glycerol, and emulsifiers for extreme definition and dry texture effects.

sorry all gone

| Flexi Hold Spray | Freeze |

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Osis Flex Hold Spray Osis Elastic Flex Hold Spray

Elastic - Flexi Hold Spray:  Stretch it to the limit. Bounce right back with elastic, the flexi hold hairspray. Great variety of finish. with flexible hold. So natural, so supple, you could almost wrap it around your little finger. New silicone copolymers bring a silky suppleness to the hair before and after brushing, creating a natural flexible hold demanded by fashion trends..

 Elastic Flexi Hold Spray       9.1oz      $   12.99   14.50
 Elastic Flexi Hold Spray     15.2oz      $  18.28   21.50

Freeze it Hair Spray, Freeze it Hairspray, Freeze Hair Spray

Osis Freeze Strong Hold Spray

Freeze - strong hold spray Freeze frame. Its hot! freeze strong hold spray. High performance. Long lasting. Total control. Style with sizzle that rewrites the law of gravity. A unique hairspray because of its ability to perform under adverse conditions of temperature and humidity. The 3-dimensional resin matrix ensures all of the hair strand is covered, allowing for long lasting style support.

 Freeze Super Hold Spray       9.1oz      $  12.78   14.50
 Freeze Super Hold Spray     15.2oz      $  18.28   21.50
 Freeze Super Hold  Pump      6.8oz      $  10.28   11.50

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